Raisa's Sewing & Accessories

I would be happy to provide the following services for you:
  1. Dressmaking and tailoring, including wedding and prom dresses.
  2. Alteration/repair of clothing and other articles.
  3. Custom jewelry from beads or natural stones to match dress or wardrobe - fabrication and repair.
  4. Custom machine embroidery - e.g., names and designs on clothing and other articles, matching holiday favors. All types of embroidery available - cross stitch, hemstitch, other. Hand embroidery with beads or silk ribbon also available.
  5. Special machine for stretch fabric sewing and alteration.
  6. Costume making.
  7. Custom fleece designs for individual comfort and warmth.
  8. Accessories - bags, scarves, throws, etc. Knitted items.
  9. Uniform alterations, patches, insignia, etc.
  10. Clothing for pets, dolls, stuffed animals.
If you need a service that you don't see listed here, please don't hesitate to contact me and ask me if I can do it for you!