Raisa's Sewing & Accessories

Here are some photos of my new store!

Naturally sewing machines are the most important pieces of equipment in my studio. More often than not I am working on these machines:

This is my usual sewing machine, and to the right of it is my serger (overlock) which is used for making finished seams, and which also handles stretch fabrics very well.

For your stretch fabrics I also have a special sewing machine - CoverProCP. This machine makes elastic double line stitching on stretch fabrics.

This is a blind stitch machine. It can make an invisible seam, such as for hemming pants, a skirt or dress.

This is my heavy duty machine for sewing denim, canvas, upholstery and other heavy fabrics.

My most special machine is my embroidery machine. For me it always like the sound of music as a new piece of embroidery is taking shape.

Here is some of my work!